Call Our Appeals Attorney in Chicago, IL

Call Our Appeals Attorney in Chicago, IL

What Are Appeals?

If you have been a part of a court case that has made a decision that you do not agree with, you may have a second chance at getting the result you're looking for. This process is called the appeals process, and if you want to pursue an appeal you will need an experienced appeals attorney in the Chicago, Illinois area that has worked with many clients like you.

After you have filed for an appeal, the courts will look over your case and its decision will be double-checked. Many people may think this is a second trial, but it is far from it. There is no jury, and you cannot bring in new evidence to help with your case.

Don't Give Up On Your Case. John Won't.

As your appeals attorney, John's job is to present to the court the SAME evidence that was presented to the court in its first trial and to prove to them that the decision that was previously made was incorrect.

A New Start with an Appeal

Again, this isn't your "second chance" with a new attorney where he or she can bring in new strategies and present new evidence. Attorney John Thomas Moran, Jr. is extensively experienced working with appeals cases. A skill one must have when working with an appellant court is to present old evidence in a new way that can help your case and its decision.

He earned his Jurisprudence from Harvard Law School in 1977 and his Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law Center, both of which are prestigious schools and programs that have taught me almost everything John knows.

An Attorney with Valuable Resources and Knowledge

Since 1969, John has helped numerous clients with their appeals cases, from Colorado to Illinois. He has also been admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States, which handles more substantial appeals cases, should your case need to get to that point.

Don't lose hope on your appeals case. Contact Chicago appeals attorney John Thomas Moran, Jr. today to schedule a free consultation.