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Injured While on the Job?

Injured While on the Job?

Talk to a workers' compensation attorney in Chicago, IL

If you're injured on the job, your employer often holds some level of responsibility. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries to help pay for your recovery. The Moran Law Group will partner you with our workers' compensation attorney in Chicago, IL to go over your situation and determine your options.

We also assist with discrimination, harassment and wrongful termination claims. No one should ever have to experience racial discrimination in the workplace. Fight back by speaking with our local attorney.

We're here to fight for you

There's no excuse for poor treatment in the workplace. You'll want to speak with an employment and workers' compensation attorney if you...

Got injured while doing your job
Experienced racial discrimination in the workplace
Were sexually harassed by your employer
Denied ADA accommodations

You deserve to be treated fairly, and The Moran Law Group wants to help you advocate for yourself. Make an appointment with us today. Your first 30-minute consultation is free.